Commercial Gas Engineer

Position Sought Service Engineer
Name CAN 3175
Lives in Oldham
Qualifications Commercial Gas Tickets
Domestic Gas Tickets
Previous Employers T Jolly Services, Thermatic, Honeywell
Availability Immediately
General Notes if Applicable



  • Successfully assessed in Code CCP1 Commercial Plant
  • Successfully assessed in Code BMP1 Gas Boosters HP Pipework
  • Successfully assessed in Code CDGA1 Install, commission, service, repair & breakdowns of commercial direct fired heating appliances & equipment
  • Successfully assessed in Code CIGA1 Install, commission, service, repair & breakdown of commercial indirect fired heating appliances / equipment
  • Successfully assessed in Code COCN1 Core Commercial gas safety
  • Successfully assessed in Code CORT1 Install, commission, service, repair & breakdown of gas fired commercial overhead luminous radiant plaque & radiant tube heaters
  • Successfully assessed in Code ICPN1 Installation first fix of commercial pipework
  • Successfully assessed in Code TCP1A Testing & purging of low pressure commercial pipework not exceeding 1m3 in volume, 21 mbar operating pressure
  • IPAF Powered Assessed License Types 3a & 3b
  • PASMA License
  • Plus miscellaneous others

Employment History:

xxxxx                                                   Gas Engineer

2016 – 2018

  • Servicing on commercial boilers
  • Maintenance on commercial boilers
  • Breakdowns on commercial boilers
  • Facilities maintenance

Honeywell / Senior Gas Engineer

T Jolly Services / 

Thermatic Maintenance Acewell / 

Tudor Northwest

1990 – 2016

As a Senior Gas Engineer for over 26 years, I come to any position seasoned and equipped with the knowledge to integrate well into any service and maintenance team. I have ample experience dealing with both domestic and commercial environments and come to any new role with the added advantage of being multi-skilled

  • Liaise with clients
  • Assess potential breakdowns and repairs
  • Trade communications and resource outsourcing

William Stewards Electrician

1980 – 1985

My time spent as an electrician still serves me in my role as a gas engineer today. Coming to any role equipped with two professions allows me to approach tasks in a versatile manner. I often reflect on my knowledge gained as an electrician during both domestic and commercial Gas endeavours and I believe I would be an asset to any role given my familiarity with both trades

  • Fully versed in domestic and commercial electrical systems and control panels
  • Experience installing various devices into homes and buildings
  • Experience installing conduit installations and trunking and tray installations
  • Knowledge installing armoured cables and specialist systems
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