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City FM

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City FM is a premier facilities management company dedicated to providing integrated solutions that optimize the operational performance of businesses and organizations. With a focus on excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, they offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

At City FM, they understand that the seamless management of facilities is crucial for businesses to thrive. From maintenance and repairs to energy management, security, and cleaning services, City FM expert teams ensure that your premises are well-maintained, safe, and conducive to productivity.

With a commitment to cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights, we leverage innovation to deliver high-quality and sustainable solutions. Their tailored services are designed to address the unique challenges of each client, allowing them to focus on their core operations while we take care of their facility management needs.

As a socially responsible organization, City FM places great emphasis on environmental sustainability and ethical practices. They actively seek opportunities to reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and promote eco-friendly initiatives, contributing to a greener future for all.

With a strong network of professionals and a wealth of experience, City FM has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the facilities management industry. Their dedication to outstanding service and personalized solutions has solidified our position as a leader in optimizing the built environment for businesses and communities.


  • Disciplines: Facilities Management

  • Company size: 9,000

  • Headquarters: Glasgow, Scotland

  • Founded: 1985


Want to know what it's like to work for City FM? Call one of our consultants today or by dropping us a message via email.

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