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Facilities Management Recruitment Agency

HVAC Recruitment is in the business of connecting the highest calibre candidates in the facilities management industry with their perfect company. We have a huge database of qualified candidates and are confident that we can find you the ideal match for your role. If you’re a facility manager looking for a new or more challenging role, we have access to employers and job opportunities that aren’t widely available. 
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Are you looking to fill a facilities management role?

HVAC Recruitment is recognised as one of the leading facilities management (FM) recruiters in the country. Whether your organisation has just reached the level of requiring a facilities manager, or you’ve got a role already which needs to be filled with a highly qualified individual, we are confident that we can connect you with the right candidate. Finding the right manager to fill your role is vital to the smooth running of your company and we understand the importance of finding that perfect individual. As nationwide respected facilities management recruiters, we have a vast database of potential people, and we will help find which one is right for your company and role. 

Are you a facilities management expert looking for a new job?

Potentially you’re reading this because you’re a facilities manager and are considering changing your job for a new challenge and aren’t sure where to start looking, or possibly you have all the skills to change career into the facilities management industry. Whatever the reason, we believe that a change of job or career shouldn’t be stressful. HVAC FM is a leading facilities management recruitment agency that has a reputation for being at the forefront of the sector. We are here to support you while you hunt for a job that suits your requirements and skills. 

  1. Step one is when we take the time to learn about you, your qualifications and the specific position that you’re looking for, which begins with the uploading of your CV. Every application and applicant is handled with the highest level of confidence. 

  2. We then assist you in your job search, guiding you through the application and interview processes and providing you with the highest level of follow-up to make sure that you’re content in your new position and that everything, including payment, is going to plan.

  3. Our care process is the same, regardless of whether your contract is permanent or temporary, and we ensure that you’re paid correctly and on time. Additionally, our staff will provide CV writing and editing services as well as in-depth information about the role that you’re applying for, the employer and the prospects of the role. 

  4. Thanks to our unique position in the facilities management industry, we have direct access to both the UK’s largest and leading companies as well as a vast number of niche businesses that you may not have heard of. We also give unbiased market insights and advice on salaries. 

We are Specialised in Facilities management recruitment

With decades of experience in the field of facilities management recruitment, we are aware of the complexity of an FM role and the vast skill set that they need to have. Depending on the size and complexity of the organisation, a facilities manager needs to be responsible for maintaining and optimising the physical infrastructure of an organisation, the smooth functioning of operations and creating a safe and productive work environment.

HVAC FM Recruitment is able to source not only the best FM candidates but also for management roles, as well as engineers for every sector from mechanical, electrical, data centre and critical engineering as well as both hard and soft services and administration. We are the recruitment agency that has got these industries covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

How should I prepare for a facilities management interview?

Prior to any interview, it’s essential to research the company to understand its facilities and any challenges they may face as well as to understand its mission, values and any recent developments. You should carefully review the job description and make sure that you have examples of your proficiency in the key responsibilities and requirements of the role. A good idea is to anticipate common interview questions and be prepared for scenario-based questions as well as to come prepared with questions to ask your interviewer. You want to make sure that you can demonstrate your problem-solving skills, abilities to handle emergencies and successful project management as well as abilities to handle budgets, service providers and other relevant areas.

What does progression look like in the facilities management industry?

Progression in facilities management can vary depending on factors such as the size of the organisation, the industry, individual performance and personal career goals. Some of the progression paths that facilities management can open up include specialist roles, team leader or supervisor, senior facilities director or head of facilities in some really large organisations. The highest level of progression is the facilities executive or chief facilities officer who may be responsible for the overall management and strategic planning of all facilities within the organisation. Career progression in facilities management could mean transitioning to other industries such as education or management consultancy as well as entrepreneurship – the path can be what you choose to make it. 

How do I get a job in facilities management?

An initial step to getting a job in facilities management would be to gain the right qualifications. While not always required, a degree in facilities management, business administration, engineering or a related field can help enhance your chances. Gain experience by seeking internships, entry-level positions or roles in related fields such as property management, maintenance or operations and develop transferable skills in organisation, communication, problem-solving and leadership. Network with professionals in the field through industry events, seminars, trade shows and other events and then ensure that you have fully prepared for applying for the role you’re looking to fill.

What qualifications do you need for facilities management?

There are various degrees and certifications that can be advantageous, although experience often speaks louder than qualifications in this field. Many facility managers have diverse educational backgrounds and have acquired relevant skills through experience and professional development. Being able to demonstrate the different skills of communication, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities, problem solving as well as financial management skills and more is often more relevant to a potential employer than a degree in facilities management or business administration.

What is the role of a facilities manager?

The role of a facilities manager is very wide and can include a plethora of responsibilities. Ultimately, a facilities manager is responsible for maintaining and optimising the physical infrastructure of an organisation – supporting the smooth functioning of daily operations and creating a safe and productive environment. Depending on the size of the organisation these duties can involve maintenance and repairs and organisation of the external service providers who help support these, the health and safety of the facility, emergency plans for handling potential crises or disasters, budgeting and finance management in line with the responsibilities of the role as well as managing projects amongst many other potential aspects of the role.

Is it good to contact a facilities management recruitment agency if you’re looking for a job?

If you’re searching for a job then you will be greatly benefitted to contact a recruitment agency, especially if you’re looking for a facilities management role and the recruitment agency specialises in that sector as they will have the contacts and inside information on vacancies to help you find a role. The process of securing a job will go more smoothly with the support of a facilities management recruitment agency as they will guide you through the process and to the right situation.