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Mitie is a leading facilities management and professional services company, dedicated to creating exceptional environments for businesses across various sectors. With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, Mitie delivers integrated solutions that optimise operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.

Drawing on decades of experience and industry expertise, Mitie offers a comprehensive range of services, including facility management, cleaning, security, energy management, and technical services. Their solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of each client, ensuring a seamless and consistent experience throughout their service portfolio.

At the heart of Mitie's approach lies a passion for technology and data-driven insights. By leveraging advanced technologies and digital tools, Mitie enhances service delivery, empowers clients with real-time data, and improves decision-making processes.

Mitie is also a staunch advocate for sustainability and responsible business practices. As part of their commitment to reducing environmental impact, Mitie actively engages in energy efficiency initiatives, waste reduction, and carbon footprint reduction, making a positive contribution to a more sustainable future.

With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, Mitie prioritises exceptional customer service and prides itself on being a trusted partner for its clients, supporting them on their journey towards success.


  • Disciplines: Facilities Management, Property Management, Energy and Healthcare Service

  • Company size: 77,500

  • Headquarters: Southwark, London, UK

  • Founded: 1987


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