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Our expert recruiters are at the forefront of gas engineering and partner with a plethora of businesses in your area. We specialise in placing workers into gas engineering vacancies and advertising your business to a pool of potential candidates. We understand gas engineering is a vital industry that helps to power our society and move it forward. Therefore, we are the top choice for gas engineering recruitment agencies with extensive channels to link up companies and workers. 

We have a high reputation for finding gas engineers for jobs thanks to years of experience in gas engineering recruitment. Our services go through every stage of the recruitment process, starting with finding the ideal talent, informing them of the positions and matching them with the role. We perform efficient screening processes, in addition to having market insights and extensive recruitment procedures. We are more than confident that we can locate an array of qualified candidates from our large database to fit gas engineer roles, helping your business thrive and prosper. There is no better gas engineer recruitment agency out there. 

For up-and-coming gas engineers, look no further than HVAC Recruitment

Sometimes we all need a fresh start or to journey somewhere new. New beginnings come with challenges and hardships, but the destination is always worth it. A new job doing what you love can be achieved with help from HVAC Recruitment.If you’re looking for a job as a gas engineer, we can help guide you to the perfect role. We have years of experience recruiting in this sector and have helped thousands of workers find their perfect job.

Finding a job as a gas engineer is simple when using our professional services. Here’s how you can land that dream job:

  • Step one: We start by learning more about you, your background, your skills and the particular positionyou’re looking for. We treat each application with the highest confidence and care.

  • Step two: We help you with your job search by assisting you with the application and interview procedures. We then give you the best possible follow-up to ensure that you are happy with your new position.

  • Step three: During our care procedure, we make sure that you are paid the right amount as statedin the job advertisement – and on time – no matter if your contract is long or short-term. In addition, our team will offer free CV writing and editing services as well as comprehensive information on the position you’re looking for, the business and possible career advancement opportunities.

We have the network, expertise and dedication to get you noticed by gas engineer employers. You can trust us as the best gas engineer recruitment agency to help you land an exciting role in this industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What qualifications do I need to become a gas engineer?

The qualifications to become a gas engineer can vary depending on your location. In general, some of the main qualifications you will need to become a gas engineer include:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent qualification as many gas engineering programs will require this as a minimum qualification for subjects such as maths and physics.

  • You can complete a recognised vocational training program or apprenticeship in gas engineering as these programmes typically provide practical hands-on training and experience related to gas systems, appliances, regulations and safety features.

  • You will also need to become Gas Safe registered in the UK in the UK, which involves passing a series of assessments to demonstrate competence in working with gas appliances. This certification can be applied for or alternatively, many work schemes will provide details on getting you Gas Safe certified.

  • Experience also helps to become a gas engineer and can be gained through internships and entry-level positions,where you will develop the skills and knowledge to become qualified.

Are gas engineers in demand?

The demand for gas engineers is generally quite high in the UK as installation, maintenance and repair of gas systems for residential, commercial and industrial settings is always needed. HVAC can connect companies with viable and eager candidates looking for a role as a gas engineer – get in touch with us for more information.

How should I prepare for gas engineering job interviews?

You can prepare for a gas engineering job interview in several ways. No matter what job you are applying for, you should always prepare for the interview to increase your chances of landing the job. Here are our best tips to prepare for a gas engineer job interview:

  • Research the company you are interviewing for.

  • Refresh your mind on any technical knowledge of gas systems, regulations and safety procedures.

  • Highlight your past experiences and be prepared to discuss them to demonstrate your expertise.

  • Convey good communication skills.

    At HVAC Recruitment, we want to help you prepare for your interview and can give you guidance and insights on the employer and specific job requirements.

Where can I find gas engineering jobs?

You can find a gas engineering job with the help of our services here at HVAC Recruitment. Send us your details and we will get you in contact with companies recruiting for gas engineers.

Heating engineer recruitment from our team at HVAC Recruitment

One of the major roles in the gas engineering industry is a heating engineer. The duties and responsibilities of a heating engineer include changing boilers, installing central heating systems and other similar activities. Applicants for this role typically do not require extensive education, as practical skills are more crucial, but employers do look for an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) in heating and ventilation usually as a minimum. 

As a highly regarded heating engineer recruitment agency, we understand what employers are looking for when hiring this specialised type of engineer. We search our network of applicants and efficiently match them with your requirements. Whether you’re hiring for an apprentice-level position or a vacancy that requires someone with more experience and qualifications, HVAC Recruitment has you covered. 

Our process for recruiting heating engineers is the same dedicated service as all other sectors we recruit for in facilities management. 

The desired skills and salaries of heating engineers

Vital skills for a heating engineer include:

  • Technical engineering ability and problem-solving skills.

  • Organisational and communication skills.

  • Ability to remain calm and collected under pressure or in the event of an emergency.

  • Awareness of all relevant regulations and safety standards.

  • Work well individually and in a team.

  • Industry knowledge.

  • Literacy and numeracy skills.

These are just some of the many desirable skills a heating engineer will need. Not everyone will have the same experience and level of expertise, which is why, as a heating engineer recruitment agency, we cater to employers' needs and can help hire gas engineers of all levels, from apprentices to seasoned individuals. 

Pay for heating engineers will vary depending on several factors, including the part of the country, the individual employer and the level of experience they possess. 

A heating engineer can expect to earn in the region of £24,000 to £34,000 per annum, with an average salary of around £28,000 per annum. Those with the right mix of skills, training, experience and attitude will stand a good chance of employment. Here at HVAC Recruitment, we treat all job seekers with the same amount of care and fairness, offering the highest chance of employment – which is what other heating engineer recruitment agencies simply won’t offer.

Currently, there is a very high demand for jobs in the UK engineering sector, making recruitment prospects even more promising

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