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Recruitment Agency for Cleaners

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Cleaners are vital for all industries, from hospitality to commercial spaces and homes, and can involve extensive cleaning routines or simple tasks such as vacuuming and mopping. Highly skilled cleaners must be hired for your business to do a proficient job that will benefit your environment in staying clean and hygienic. 

Here at HVAC Recruitment, we can help find you the best cleaners throughout the UK for your business, and we can take the hassle of finding you the ideal cleaners to fit your specific needs. 

Understanding the importance of cleaners in business operations

Studies have shown that when someone walks into a building, within the first few seconds they make a first impression. Cleaners are a vital factor that installs a good first impression by helping to create a spotless and hygienic environment. 

Cleanliness impacts many crucial elements that help make your business run smoothly. With clean offices, hotel rooms, homes, warehouses and other workspaces, employee retention and productivity are increased, and customer and client perceptions are positive, in addition to making the environment much safer thanks to being more hygienic and the removal of unnecessary clutter. 

Your business will have high cleanliness standards, and a recruitment agency for cleaners will offer you the very best, hardworking cleaners out there. 

Benefits of engaging with a cleaning recruitment agency

You need enthusiastic, fully trained and trusted cleaning staff, but it can sometimes be trouble finding these types of workers. HVAC Recruitment is one of the UK’s most highly regarded cleaning recruitment agencies and has the means to keep your business clean, with our highly-skilled selection of cleaning staff. 

Recruitment agencies for cleaners can efficiently provide employers with the highest talent of employees. HVAC Recruitment uses its large database to find the top cleaners for your local business who are highly trained and dedicated to performing good results and maintaining elevated cleanliness standards. Our network allows us to perfectly match your needs with the ideal worker, without you having to worry whether they will get the job done. We do all the hard work for you, sending you dependable, skilled and meticulous cleaning staff.

Cleaning recruitment agencies will also perform background checks, such as DBS checks, ensuring all staff are trustworthy and qualified for all manner of industries. 

Choosing the right recruitment agency for cleaner recruitment

How do you find the right recruitment agency for cleaners for your business? The good news is you’re in the right place. We are a comprehensive recruitment service for cleaners to help employers meet their hygiene needs in quick succession, stick to a schedule and provide staff that are completely trustworthy. We have a history of 15-plus years in helping employers and job seekers fulfil cleaning needs in a variety of sectors across the UK. 

Over that time, we have established an extensive database and network of excellent cleaning staff that can be placed into cleaning jobs for your business. Supplying cleaning staff to your needs is one of the most important aspects of selecting the right recruitment agency. HVAC Recruitment can supply you with temporary cleaners at a moment’s notice for one-off jobs, as well as long-term cleaning staff with an ongoing schedule that works around your routine. 

Cleaners often perform their tasks in private areas of businesses, such as offices, and homes with precious commodities, meaning you’ll need someone you can trust. A good recruitment agency will perform extensive background checks, assuring you that they can be trusted. Additionally, a respected cleaning recruitment agency will also provide training for newer recruits, ensuring they will perform their duties to the highest level – HVAC Recruitment performs all these services.

Your Dream Placement is waiting for you

Job Search

The recruitment process with a cleaner recruitment agency

HVAC Recruitment provides a comprehensive recruitment process, gaining you cleaning employees quickly and effectively. We work across the UK and work with a wide pool of businesses in helping them meet their cleaning requirements. Whether you need cleaners for your office, school, home, public sector, warehouse or any other industry, our recruitment process treats all with the same amount of dedication and care.

Initial consultation

Once your business registers with us, we will hold an initial consultation with you to assess your needs and schedule. This helps us to find the ideal cleaning candidate that will fit your requirements to a tee. During the consultation, we want to know how your business functions and operates so we have a greater understanding of how we can help improve upon these elements, too.


We have many applicants who send their CVs in, signing up with us to get them secure work as cleaners for a myriad of industries. Registering with us is your first step in the recruitment process, so we can start hiring the right cleaners for your company.

Initial screening

Once we have reviewed applications – or searched our existing network of viable candidates – we will assess whether the candidates meet the requirements you have set out for cleaning recruitment. We will look at the worker’s previous experience, availability and work authorisation.


We will select the best and most suited cleaner for your business or domestic requirements and invite them for an interview. We can interview in person, over the phone or via video call. We will ask them questions tailored to the specific requirements you have set out for us.

Documentation and background checks

If the candidate has passed the interview stage, we will perform background and documentation checks, including DBS and right-to-work assessments to ensure all legal compliance is followed. 

Skills assessment

If necessary, HVAC will perform a skills assessment on workers to ensure they can perform to the standards you require. This will be done through a cleaning test and is often performed on employees who are new to the cleaning industry.


In addition to a skills test, training will be provided by specialists in cleaning, helping to familiarise cleaning staff with client’s protocols and high standards. This could include safety procedures, how to handle equipment and how to effectively use cleaning products. 

Placing them in your workspace

Once we are sure we have the best candidate for the job, we then place them into your business, allocating them a set schedule if required and helping you to build a viable connection with your brand-new, highly trained and skilled cleaning staff member. 

HVAC Recruitment also provides extensive feedback and support throughout every step of the recruitment process, keeping you in the know and guaranteeing efficient communication. We make the process as easy as possible for you – there’s no better recruitment agency for cleaners out there. 

Ensuring a successful collaboration with a recruitment agency

We want to help you make the most out of registering with a recruitment agency for cleaners. There are several ways in which a successful partnership can flourish:

  • Clearly define to us your business and cleaning requirements, with an accurate description of the skills, qualifications and attitude you’re looking for.

  • Keep the lines of communication with us open and constant. Give us feedback on the candidates we present to you so we can focus our search on other individuals if your needs change. 

  • Talk with us about what you like and dislike about candidates resumes and skills. You can also participate in interviews alongside us, so we have a better understanding of your business culture.

  • We possess an expert team who will aim to meet your standards. However, by being open to recommendations, our insights can help streamline the process and make more informed decisions, leading to better hiring outcomes. 

  • Once you have the ideal person in the cleaning role, give us feedback on their performance. Let us know how they’re settling into your company as it will help us as an agency refine our future searches and understand your needs. 

The key theme here is communication. The more you tell us, the more we can help in cleaner recruitment for your business.

HVAC Recruitment strives to build long-lasting relationships with businesses that are eager to find viable cleaning staff. We provide the very best recruitment process and aim to guarantee benefits for your business and workers. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your recruitment needs for cleaners.