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Ensuring Safety Through Expert Security Personnel Recruitment

Security is vitally important in a number of industries across the UK, helping to keep people, places and possessions safe. As a leading security recruitment agency, we at HVAC complete comprehensive and detailed recruitment processes for your workplace, helping you recruit talented, and most importantly, qualified security personnel.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the legislative organisation responsible for controlling the private security industry in the UK. The SIA’s main focus is to manage a voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme that evaluates private security service providers against independently established assessment criteria, as well as control the mandatory licensing of people who work in the private security sector. 

Security recruitment agencies locate the right people for the job, and at HVAC, we source these qualified and specialised people for you, easing the burden of the recruitment process. 

Finding the right people for your security needs

A reliable security team is important for monitoring and handling potential risks at various locations and events. The skills security professionals need are diverse and incorporate a blend of technical competence and soft skills. Depending on the role, different levels of technical skill will be required. The recruitment team at HVAC Recruitment will analyse and match candidates' skills to your desired vacant position, enabling a smooth transition throughout the hiring process. 

As one of the UK’s top security recruitment agencies, that is highly knowledgeable about SIA recruitment, we also scour our talent pool for soft skills. Trustworthiness, reliability, fast decision-making, excellent observational skills and assessing threats – all qualities HVAC look for and assess when we perform interviews and meetings with candidates on your behalf. 

Specialised SIA security recruitment

If you are looking for SIA-qualified individuals for your business, then look no further than HVAC. We are proficient in sourcing SIA-certified security professionals, eager to begin a career in the security sector, as well as find new opportunities across the UK. Our 20-plus years of experience in recruitment means our solutions are simple, fast and efficient, and tailor our services for permanent, temporary and contract roles. 

A range of security roles

Security recruitment agencies help fill a wide range of positions in the sector. Here at HVAC, we specialise in security guard recruitment, having successfully found places of work for many people in this role, as well as other positions, including:

  • Private Investigator

  • Security Analyst

  • Security Manager

  • Protection Specialist

  • Security Specialist

  • Cash Carrying Crew

These are just some of the security jobs out there that we can help fill with our talented team of security recruiters. 

Our candidate-centric approach

Searching for a job in security doesn’t have to be a challenge when working with SIA security recruitment agencies. Candidates can trust us to guide them through the entire process, detailing job openings and highlighting positions that meet their needs. Our recruiters work one-on-one with you to understand job seekers’ skills, preferences and career aspirations in the security job market. We also have over 30 dedicated consultants who will support you throughout the entire process, as well as our own in-house payroll and accounts subdivision. 

Our personalised approach leads to satisfied candidates, perfectly matched to the roles they have been searching for. We have a catalogue of job seekers we have successfully helped over the years, from all across the nation. 

Why choose HVAC

HVAC is unmatched in the dynamic field of security recruitment. Our reputation has been built on a history of successful placements, as evidenced by a list of satisfied clients who attest to our knowledge. In addition to our extensive network of security experts, HVAC is distinguished by our dedication to speed without sacrificing quality. We guarantee a timely response to your recruitment needs with quick turnaround times.

We have the superior ability to speed the hiring process for permanent, temporary and contract employment, and ensure positions are filled by the best in the industry thanks to our comprehensive grasp of the SIA environment and our tailored, candidate-centric approach. When you choose HVAC as your recruitment partner, you are committing to expertise and dependability. 

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