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Founder of HVAC Recruitment & Beekeeper

Meet John Phillips, who helped co-found HVAC Recruitment back in 2005 alongside his son, Rob Phillips. While John has now embraced semi-retirement, he's not one to sit idle. When he's not pursuing HVAC business matters, you'll find him and his wife, Roma (Rob's mom), passionately tending to their hives as dedicated Apiarists and Beekeepers.

Sustainably Sourced North Wales Honey

Nestled in the picturesque heart of rural North Wales, in St Asaph, John and Roma nurture 5 thriving beehives, each home to approximately 60,000 remarkable bees. With the stunning backdrop of North Wales' countryside and an abundance of flowers for the bees to feast on, the Phillips duo harvests hundreds of liters of honey each year, all lovingly processed through 'spinning' and 'jarring' right in their kitchen.

Supporting Prostate Cancer UK

But what makes their honey truly special is not just its exceptional taste, but also its purpose. The Phillips family sells their honey locally, and the proceeds are donated to supporting 'Prostate Cancer UK,' a noble cause close to their hearts.

Raw honey has been cherished for its medicinal properties throughout history, boasting an array of health benefits and practical uses. It's even found a place in hospitals, where it's employed in treating wounds.

HVAC Raw Unpasteurized Honey

What sets raw honey apart is its unpasteurized nature. Unlike most store-bought honey, which undergoes pasteurization, raw honey retains its beneficial nutrients, as the high heat used in pasteurization can destroy these health-boosting elements.

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