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Rob Phillips

Managing Director

Rob Phillips

About Rob

Rob Phillips has been within the HVAC industry since 1997 when he first worked for an agency as a HVAC Labourer. Since then Rob stayed within the sector and worked as a Recruitment Consultant and Divisional Manager up until 2005 when he established HVAC Recruitment.

​​Rob prides himself on being the founder of one of the UK’s leading and award winning HVAC & FM recruitment companies. At HVAC we provide fast and cost effective recruitment from Engineering to Director level.

Specialising in Hard Services Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Contracting, Data Centre & Critical Engineering, Management Recruiting and Soft Services.

His experience within this industry has certainly helped grow HVAC Recruitment over the years from a team of just himself to now over 30 HVAC & FM recruitment consultants along with an in house payroll department. 

Feel free to get in touch with Rob and discuss how HVAC Recruitment can support your business with talent acquisition.