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Are you a qualified mechanical or electrical engineer looking for a new job challenge? Are you a company needing fresh talent on your electrical or mechanical engineering team? If yes, then HVAC Recruitment is here to help. With a large database of highly qualified candidates and a wide selection of available positions, we are confident we can help you find the next role to further your career, or the ideal candidate to fill the gap in your team. HVAC FM – a specialised mechanical and electrical recruitment agency

HVAC FM – a specialised mechanical and electrical recruitment agency

As a mechanical recruitment agency that also specialises in electrical recruitment, we only supply the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and Facilities Management sectors, which means that you will always have the pick of jobs or candidates in the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors. As an electrical engineer recruitment agency, we have established a high reputation for fulfilling the recruitment needs of both employers and job seekers. Our roots in engineering recruitment mean that we can spot a great mechanical or electrical engineer when we see them. We are familiar with the specialised skills, qualifications and experience required for various roles within the sector, which means we can effectively match them to the specific needs of your company. We have a large network of talented mechanical and electrical engineers able to fulfil a wide array of roles.

Roles within the mechanical and electrical engineering industries

There are several sort-after roles within the mechanical and electrical engineering industries. Here at HVAC Recruitment, we have a collection of high-profile roles that applicants can use our services to find. As a highly regarded electrical and mechanical recruitment agency, we help fill roles in mechanical engineering including but not limited to:

  • HVAC Engineer: Designing, implementing and optimising heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • Robotics engineer: Automation is becoming widely adopted in many industries, and engineers with expertise in designing, developing and maintaining robotic systems are in high demand.

  • Automotive Engineer: With the shift towards electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems, engineers qualified in this area are becoming increasingly popular. 

  • CAD Designer/CAE Analyst: Professionals who utilise computer-aided design and engineering tools to develop and analyse detailed plans and mechanical designs. 

  • Biomedical Engineer: By combining medical and biological sciences, these engineers design equipment, computer systems, devices and software used in healthcare. 

  • Aerospace Engineer: A specialist who designs aircrafts, spacecrafts and in some cases even satellites. 

High-profile electrical engineering roles include but are not limited to:

  • Embedded Systems Engineer: This type of electrical engineer will work on the development of embedded hardware and software for several applications such as consumer electronics and automotive appliances. 

  • Power Electronics Engineer: Specialising in designing and managing devices that control and convert electric power. 

  • Control Systems Engineer: Managing control systems, often for manufacturing or industrial processes.

  • Semiconductor Engineer: Designing, developing and testing semiconductor devices like transistors, diodes and integrated circuits. 

  • Telecommunications Engineer: Developing 5G technology and beyond, these engineers are vital for designing and optimising communication networks. 

  • Electrical Power Engineer: Engineers who focus on the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, with an increased concentration on renewable energy. 

With our expert knowledge as a mechanical recruitment agency, we are ideally positioned to match your business with the perfect candidates for your role. We make mechanical and electrical recruitment easy and treat both employers and job seekers with the utmost care and dedication. 

So, get in touch today. Call us on 01745 772 218 or email us at info@hvacrecruitment.com to start your path to a new career or find the best possible recruit for your vacancy. 

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Personalised candidate support

Is your current role stressful or not fulfilling? Or do you just want a fresh challenge or a chance to expand your experience? Whatever the reason, HVAC Recruitment believes that changing jobs shouldn’t be unpleasant. We are a leading mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment agency with a reputation for being at the forefront of hiring engineers for their next role. We are here to support you throughout the job search process and find you the perfect job to meet your unique skill set. 

How we will work with you

As one of the UK’s prominent mechanical and electrical recruitment agencies, we have streamlined our process for candidates, enabling all types of job positions to be achieved in the mechanical end electrical engineering sectors. 

  • Step one: We begin by finding out about you, your experience and qualifications and the specific role you are seeking. Every application is handled with the utmost confidence.

  • Step two: In our care process, regardless of whether the contract is permanent or temporary, we ensure that you are paid appropriately and on time. Additionally, our staff will provide free CV writing and editing services as well as in-depth information on the position that you’re applying for, the employer and the job’s progression possibilities. 

  • Step three: We assist you in your job search by guiding your through the application and interview process and provide you with the best possible follow up to make sure you are content in your new role.

  • Extras: As a result of our position in the mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment industry, we have direct access to a wide range of specialised businesses you may not have heard of, in addition to impartial market insight and salary guidance. 

Navigating career progression

HVAC Recruitment takes pride in seeing candidates’ careers propel forward in mechanical and electrical engineering positions. As a mechanical recruitment agency with a strong history of helping to match businesses and employees together,we can also help those looking to earn higher positions in these sectors. Depending on candidates’ level of experience, we can adequately find job roles that reflect their skill setand drive them toward engineering roles of higher authority that perhaps they did not consider. We instil confidence in all who we provide our recruitment services for. 

Professional mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment services from

At our core, HVAC Recruitment is all about our relationships with our clients and candidates. Our services are tailored to each individual and business, with our team obtaining a full understanding of job seekers’ desires and inside knowledge of how businesses operate. 

The recruitment process with HVAC Recruitment is hassle free and treated with high levels of professionalism and care. We act like an extension of your business and are here to support you in every step of recruiting, enabling you to concentrate on all other aspects of business operations. By hiring with a trusted mechanical recruitment agency, like HVAC Recruitment, you will unlock the treasures of success in the ever-expanding engineering industry.

To find out how HVAC Recruitment can help with your mechanical and engineering recruitment needs, get in touch with our highly skilled team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I prepare for a mechanical or electrical engineering job interview?

    Preparing for a mechanical or electrical engineering job interview involves a combination of technical knowledge, problem solving skills and effective communication. Some tips for preparing include:

    - Review technical concepts that relate to the job description.

    - Make sure you know the job description well to identify key skills and qualifications required by the employer.

    - Research the company.

    - Prepare examples that highlight your technical skills and problem-solving skills.

    - Review common interview questions.

    - Demonstrate communication skills.

    - Dress professionally.

    - Prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the company, role, team dynamics or other relevant aspects.

    At HVAC RM Recruitment, we help you to prepare for your interview and give you insights into the employer and the job requirements to make sure you’re fully prepared for every eventuality.

  2. What does progression look like in the mechanical and electrical engineering industry?

    Progression in the engineering industry can look different and take a variety of forms depending on the individual’s career goals, industry specialisation and level of experience. However, progression can mean becoming specialised in a particular technical skill or area, project management, leadership and management roles, consulting, research and development, entrepreneurial ventures or academia and teaching. The sky’s the limit, depending on where you want to go, and HVAC RM Recruitment will be happy to help you get there.

  3. Is it good to contact a mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment agency if you’re looking for a job?

    Yes, a mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment agency specialises in jobs and careers in their specific industry and often has access to vacancies and roles that aren’t available on other, broader recruitment platforms. A mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment agency is the best place to start if you’re looking for a new role in these specialised areas.

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