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Are you looking for talented engineers for a specific project? Are you a qualified engineer looking for a new job opportunity? We are a highly experienced engineering recruitment agency with a vast database of qualified candidates and excellent clients and are confident that we can find the perfect candidate or role that you need.

What areas of engineering recruitment does our agency cover?

Engineers can be mechanical or electrical specialists who can design, install, operate and maintain mechanical, electrical or plumbed (MEP) systems within buildings or infrastructure projects. Specialist engineers are responsible for ensuring that the essential systems and equipment necessary for a building’s functionality and safety are designed, implemented and maintained correctly. As a top engineering recruitment agency, we understand the importance of recruiting competent and trustworthy engineers to maintain and service your company’s equipment and systems, which is why we recruit engineers that have technical expertise and knowledge of industry standards to ensure high-quality engineering solutions for your business’s needs. Founded initially as an engineering recruitment agency, we pride ourselves on being an expert agency in the HVAC recruitment sector and being able to spot the best quality in an engineering recruit, and our speciality is connecting the two together.

Effective and specialised engineering recruitment

With over 20 years of experience in supplying the highest quality candidates for the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance and facilities management (FM) sectors, we have an enviable client and candidate base and are proud to be market leaders in engineering recruitment agencies. Engineering recruitment can genuinely be claimed as our speciality. Supplying engineering recruits for all areas of electrical and mechanical work, including – but not limited to:

With our roots firmly established in the engineering recruitment sector, we are proud to be true experts in the HVAC recruitment field. Whatever your vacancy, whether requiring a temporary or permanent solution, we are the engineering recruitment agency with the specialism and contacts to supply the recruits you are looking for.

Are you an up-and-coming engineer looking for a new opportunity?

Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge and aren’t sure where to start, or perhaps you’re looking to change careers – whatever the reason - we believe that changing your job shouldn’t be stressful. At HVAC FM we are an expert engineering recruitment agency, nationally recognised as being at the forefront of recruitment, and we’re here to support you through your journey of finding the perfect employment for your requirements and skillset.

·         Firstly - We will begin by taking the time to find out about you, your skills and exactly what you are looking for – every application is treated with the strictest of confidence.

·         Secondly - We then help you with the job search by supporting you throughout the application and interview processes and also giving you the highest level of aftercare to ensure you’re happy in your new role.

·         Care process - We ensure that you will be paid accurately and on time, regardless of whether the contract is permanent or temporary and our team will also offer free CV writing and editing as well as in-depth information on the job you’re applying for, the company and prospects of the role.

·         Extras - We offer impartial market insight and salary guides and, because of our position in the engineering recruitment field, we have direct access to the UK’s largest and leading companies as well as a multitude of specialised companies you may not have heard of before.

Many of the vacancies that we offer are unavailable elsewhere and therefore are exclusive to HVAC FM, so get in touch, call us on 01745 77 22 18 or drop us an email at info@hvacrecruitment.com to start your exciting journey to a new career today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there lots of engineering roles available?

Yes, there is a wide selection of engineering roles available, and HVAC FM, as an extremely experienced engineering recruitment agency, is ideally positioned to connect you with the perfect role for your skillset. Check out our vacancies page and get in touch today with one of our expert team to begin your journey to your dream role.

What does progression look like in an engineering role?

Progression in an engineering role can vary depending on the specific field, industry and individual circumstances. However, there are some general factors and paths that contribute to professional growth and advancement in the engineering industry. These include experience and expertise, levels of education and training, technical skills, leadership and project management, networking and collaboration as well as knowledge within specific industries or organisations. Some career progression moves may not be strictly linear and may involve some lateral moves or changes in focus along the way. The best qualities for progression are personal motivation, dedication and seizing opportunities as they are presented to you.

What are the highest-paying roles in engineering jobs?

Engineering roles can be known for their high earning potential as generally, they require extremely high levels of skill and knowledge. Location, levels of qualification and experience all contribute to the higher levels of pay that are achievable in the sector, and whether the role is specialised in a more niche field such as nuclear or aerospace amongst others, which are emerging such as artificial intelligence and renewable energy engineering. Management roles tend to earn a higher salary as there is a greater level of responsibility, but high levels of expertise in a specific area can also earn very high-paying salaries.

How should I prepare for engineering job interviews?

There are a variety of ways to prepare for engineering job interviews. Make sure that you’ve thoroughly read up about the company and what they do and make sure you’re fully informed about what the role is that you’re applying for and its demands. Brush up on your technical concepts as well as industry trends and prepare questions to ask that are thoughtful and demonstrate your knowledge of the role and the company. Where possible do practice interviews and look up tips for good communication and behavioural responses. Our expert team at HVAC FM will help you to prepare for your interviews, making sure that you’re well-equipped and confident to give you the very best chance of success.

Where can I find engineering jobs?

There is a vast selection of places to search for engineering jobs, online job sites, company websites as well as professional associations and public sector websites. However, trawling through so many places is time-consuming and can be thoroughly disheartening. Why not contact an experienced and highly successful engineering recruitment agency and let them do the leg work? A specialised recruitment agency will have the contacts and knowledge of available jobs that you can apply for straight away. HVAC FM has exclusive access to job postings that won’t be available anywhere else, so get in touch today to find the job for you.

Is it good for an employer to contact an engineering recruitment agency to recruit an engineer?

Yes, an employer will find it hugely beneficial to contact a specialised engineering recruitment agency to recruit an engineer for a role that they have for various reasons. A recruitment agency will have access to a wide talent pool of candidates, as well as specialised industry knowledge. Contacting an engineering recruitment agency will save your company time and resources and as they generally pre-screen and select candidates it will ensure that only qualified candidates are interviewed – making the process quick and stress-free.

Is it good to contact an engineering recruitment agency if you’re looking for a job in engineering?

Contacting an engineering recruitment agency if you’re looking for a job in engineering is the best step to take as they will have access to job opportunities that might not be so widely advertised. They will also have expertise in the field of engineering and are familiar with the relevant skills and qualifications needed. An engineering recruitment agency will have well-established relationships with employers and professionals in the field and you can benefit from their networking connections. It will also save you time and effort in the search as they can streamline the application process.

​If you are looking to recruit in the Hard Services sector or if you are looking for a new opportunity, get in touch today!
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