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Warehouse Recruitment Agency


HVAC Recruitment, who are we?

Since 2005, HVAC Recruitment has been a market-leading recruitment agency in a wide range of HVAC and FM sectors, including

mechanical and electrical engineering recruitment,

project management recruitment,

engineering recruitment

administration recruitment and

soft services recruitment.

Our team works tirelessly with businesses across the country to help hire for their open vacancies, as well as find countless job seekers the right jobs perfectly aligning with their needs. Complete recruitment solutions and services, all with the help of HVAC Recruitment.

Warehouse industry specialists

Our team understands the diversity of opportunities relating to warehouse jobs, and we work with local and nationwide clients who have all manner of roles available. Warehouses that specialise in the HVAC and FM sectors can trust us to meet their recruitment needs, as well as our services enabling a smooth, efficient process for candidates eager to find roles situated in warehouses.

Our commitment to excellence

We strive to provide a full package for clients and candidates when it comes to warehouse recruitment. Hiring excellence and finding a business that provides a healthy work-life balance is our goal, with a commitment to satisfying both parties interests and recruitment requirements. 

Why partner with HVAC Recruitment?

Tailored staffing solutions

Benefit from our consultants finding the ideal staff for your business needs. Permanent and temporary positions can be filled with the help of HVAC Recruitment, with a focus on efficiency to keep business interruption to an absolute minimum. 

Warehouse sector knowledge

Warehouses are key to a successful FM or HVAC business as they help integrate function with the right people to improve the value and productivity of the core business. Warehouses are a part of many sectors including retail, automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, logistics and shipping and more. Finding the right people for the roles that these sectors encompass can be achieved with our services.

Extensive talent network

We have access to an extensive network of talent to fill your warehouse positions. We have over 15,000 candidates on our database, meaning our consultants can find you skilled workers for positions including warehouse managers, forklift operators, pickers and packers, warehouse maintenance engineers, logistics coordinators, quality control inspectors and much more. 

Our comprehensive services

Warehouse businesses require comprehensive recruitment services to help better the workforce as well as have trust in the recruitment company to handle all manner of solutions. Businesses across the warehousing and FM sectors have trusted us for over 20 years thanks to our tailored and extensive warehouse recruitment services. We go above and beyond for both employers and employees and treat each individual with dedication and equality. Businesses across the UK will be offered detailed and efficient recruitment solutions for temporary and permanent roles, while candidates will be relieved of the worry that comes with job hunting and be assigned a dedicated consultant who is able to locate the type of warehouse jobs they’ve been looking for. 

Job search for warehouse positions

We alleviate the pressure of navigating various job sites in search of a warehouse role and ensure communication between employers and job seekers is met. Many people don’t hear from employers regarding positions they’ve applied for, due to various factors, which can be extremely frustrating when on the job hunt. Job seekers can be assured of feedback from employers through us when applying for warehouse jobs. We make searching for a job hassle-free and without frustration. 

Interview coaching

We help to set up both employers and candidates with interviews at a time that suits them and inform candidates about all necessary details on the employers and job role responsibilities. For some, interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, and our consultants can help coach those on the best techniques and things to say when meeting employers for the first time. We help ensure positive first impressions are made, leading our registered candidates to success.

Resume and CV enhancement

As a highly regarded warehouse recruitment agency, we aim to give all candidates the best chance at landing a job. That’s why we can help touch up CVs and resumes to align them with the specifications of the job at hand. We professionally analyse your documents and highlight the relevant information that helps make you stand out. Our expert guidance is offered to all those who may need it. From fine-tuning skills to tips on producing the best cover letters, HVAC Recruitment is here to help.

Expert career guidance

You may be looking for warehouse jobs that can lead to bigger and greater career advancements. We have the leading industry knowledge to open opportunities for those seeking higher positions and promotions further down the line. We offer expert guidance on which positions are viable for promotions and showcase your skills to employers looking for the right people. 

What distinguishes us from other warehouse recruitment agencies?

With over 50 in-house specialist recruitment consultants, we have the team, skills and passion to realise your warehouse recruitment needs. We are recognised as one of the leading FM recruitment companies in the UK and are PSL suppliers to the industry’s largest businesses. 

Our strong industry connections enable efficiency and valued communication between employers and candidates, ensuring no one is left waiting for answers. Our team handles all communications with professionalism and attentiveness, helping us establish relationships with businesses that have lasted for years. Trust is an imperative aspect of warehouse recruitment, and HVAC Recruitment works to instill trust in everyone we serve. 

We are proud to have found success for tens of thousands of job seekers over the years, helping to fill over 8,000 contract roles and over 2,500 permanent positions. Those we’ve provided services for can speak for us. Explore our testimonialsto see the types of people we have provided our services for over the years. 

Tips for job seekers

  • Get certified: Having certifications for forklift driving and other machinery can make you more desirable to warehouse employers.

  • Network: Our industry networks can connect you with top-tier businesses looking for skilled workers.

  • Tailor your resume: With the help of HVAC Recruitment, you should tailor your resume to the specific industry and warehouse job, such as logistics, inventory management and machinery operation.

  • Be physically able: Warehouse jobs can involve heavy lifting and manual labour. Making sure you’re in good shape can give you the upper hand and mitigate potential injuries. 

  • Showcase soft skills: Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving are highly valued in this industry.

Submitting your warehouse CV

We aid and offer guidance on how to write and craft a CV into the very best it can be. Some of our tips include:

  • Focus on relevant experience and skills

  • Include certifications

  • Use action verbs, such as managed, operated or coordinated, showcasing your contributions.

  • Write a cover letter that explains why you are a good fit for the role, emphasising your skills and experience. 

Submit your CV with us to receive job updates and warehouse recruitment solutions today.

For employers looking for warehouse operatives and managers

Our proven staffing process

We have a positive track record of providing businesses with suitable, hard-working and skilled warehouse operatives, managers and various other types of positions across the nation. Our process involves:

  1. Submit your vacancy with us from anywhere in the UK.

  2. We get in touch with you regarding your requirements.

  3. We select a small number of suitable CVs for each vacancy.

  4. We perform pre-screenings of candidates including interviews.

  5. We provide detailed reference checks and organise all legal documentation.

Warehouse recruitment has never been more effective and efficient with HVAC Recruitment. We offer competitive rates with options for a fixed fee agreement as well as a flexible rebate scheme for a period of up to three months.

Get in touch for a consultation

If you want a non-nonsense consultation with a premium warehouse recruitment agency, get in touch with us by emailing info@hvacrecruitment.com or give us a call on 01745 772218. We will contact you within a few minutes to discuss your vacancy and recruitment needs.