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Jake Smith

Managing Consultant

Jake Smith

About Jake

Jake Smith is the Managing Consultant of FM & HVAC Recruitment Inc based in San Diego, California, USA. Previously Jake worked for the HVAC Group in the UK as the Managing Consultant to the London & Southern Regions. Within that role he has proven himself as an effective leader and recruiter for the HVAC & FM industry. Now Jake is leading his own team and the development of our US subsidiary with the help and guidance from Jack Hughes.

Jake will be your first point of contact for all FM & HVAC Recruitment Inc queries and will be leading you through our fast and cost effective recruitment approach.

​Specialising in Hard Services Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical Contracting, Data Centre & Critical Engineering, Management Recruiting and Soft Services.

Feel free to get in touch with Jake and discuss how FM & HVAC Recruitment Inc can support your business with talent acquisition.