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Engineering Recruitment Agency in Birmingham

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With 1.1 million residents in the city and 2.8 million in the metropolitan region, Birmingham is the second-largest city after London. As a result, it ranks as the eighth-largest metropolitan area in the entire EU. Due to the massive scale of the city, there are many recruitment agencies in Birmingham that will not be performing on the level you require for your business’s recruitment needs. They can be slow and provide you with inadequate engineers to fit your job roles. 

When it comes to hiring the crucial individuals that will make up your engineering team, other Birmingham engineering recruitment services don’t seem to understand what is essential. Finding the proper skills is one thing, but you will frequently face the issue of dealing with engineers who have the right skills but the wrong attitude.

Birmingham was formerly a mediaeval market town and is now a major social, financial, cultural and commercial hub. By 1791, the city had developed into a crucial manufacturing and engineering town, establishing the groundwork for contemporary industry with its countless small, highly specialised enterprises and tradesman communities. The city has a varied local economy which includes engineering, finance, health and education, in addition to public administration. 

HVAC specialises in many of these sectors and is the number one choice for recruitment agencies in the popular city of Birmingham. We can assist you in your engineering recruitment with methods that include:

  • Using a broad network and specialised marketing techniques to locate the engineering candidates you require in Birmingham.

  • Ensuring candidates show up for interviews and stick with the process, thanks to our analysis and our unique interview booking system.

  • Help you compete with larger Birmingham businesses by using our extensive network and pool of relationships.

The recruitment process with an engineering agency

Our hiring process is thorough and tailored to your business’s requirements. After you choose HVAC Recruitment to serve as your Birmingham recruitment agency, we will meet with you for an initial consultation. We discuss your overall business goals as well as the details of the engineering role in Birmingham that you are advertising. Once we have all the details regarding the engineering position, we will work quickly to find you the best group of candidates. When we have located the enthusiastic individuals, our team will perform screening procedures and preliminary interviews to help them understand the particular job requirements and duties. When speaking with applicants, we let you know how they performed and offer in-depth feedback, which enables you to decide which applicant would be the best to interview face-to-face. Throughout each vital phase of the hiring process, we keep you informed. 

Our aim at HVAC Recruitment is to ensure the process for you is quick, simple and effective. We guarantee to find you the top engineers in Birmingham.

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What are the benefits of engaging a recruitment agency

Finding excellent individuals for an engineering role at your Birmingham business can be challenging and time-consuming. Working with a recruitment agency will therefore be to your benefit. We take care of the hassle for you so that your firm can concentrate on other important aspects of the business. 

A good recruitment agency, such as HVAC, will effectively and efficiently scour a large talent pool for the best prospects. We spare you the time-consuming task of sorting through hundreds of CVs, and do this for you, checking references and following up with candidates. Thanks to our competent team eager to help both Birmingham employers and job seekers, we use a large database to locate engineers who possess the necessary skills and drive, and those hiring for permanent, temporary or contract employment. 

Why work with HVAC Recruitment in Birmingham

With more than 20 years of experience, HVAC Recruitment has helped businesses in Birmingham find and hire engineering specialists. We understand the demand and scale of the city and work hard to offer you the best possible candidates. We simplify the recruiting process so that your company may grow and succeed with the most qualified applicants, and offer reasonable rates, along with the option to set fee agreements. 

We provide extensive screening and on-site interviews if requested, in addition to reference checks, and up to six months of coverage for every placement. Our team works hard to put your needs first and tailors our services to your business. Along with placing your Birmingham job roles on numerous platforms and job boards, we also have a sizable internal database of viable candidates. 

We at HVAC Recruitment, are experts in recruiting for engineering roles in Birmingham, as well as other FM sectors. We have a loyal client base and a dedicated team to meet your needs leaving you satisfied with the recruiting process. 

Talk to a member of our team by calling 01745772218 to help your engineering business in Birmingham grow. 

The sectors we cover

HVAC Recruitment specialises in the facilities management industry throughout the great city of Birmingham. With more than two decades of experience, we have developed sophisticated recruitment strategies for a wide array of sectors within the facilities management industry. You can rely on HVAC Recruitment to provide tailored and comprehensive recruitment services to Birmingham companies, assisting in hiring the top candidates and helping Birmingham job seekers land fulfilling roles. 

Sectors we cover include:

And more. 

Covering Birmingham and your local area

Our team of experts are aware of the level of care and commitment needed when it comes to recruitment in Birmingham. Businesses in Birmingham that work within the FM sectors can greatly benefit from our recruitment services. We encompass the entire Birmingham area, from the city’s centre to its outer regions, including King’s Norton, Bournville, Northfield, Shirley, Sutton Coldfield, Coleshill and beyond. Regardless of the location of your business or job seekers, HVAC Recruitment is here for you. Our Birmingham office is in the very centre of the city, just past New Street Station, making it incredibly accessible. Our doors are open for those in need of the best recruitment services Birmingham has to offer. 

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