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According to estimates, London is home to more than 1500 recruitment agencies, in addition to numerous organisations outside of the city that hires for the London labour market. 

So how can you choose which engineering recruitment firm would do the greatest job of locating qualified applicants for your opening? In short, it won’t be simple. The likelihood is, that your experience has not been the best and that you are still looking for the ideal recruitment agency for you. 

Firstly, some recruitment agencies are unaware of the important factors to consider when hiring the key members of your team. Finding the proper capabilities is one thing, but you will frequently run into people who have the right skills - but a bad attitude. It can also be rather annoying when they don’t show up for your interview after you’ve taken a chance on them.

As a recruitment agency with over 10 years of experience and passion for satisfying our clients, we are aware of your concerns. The good news is that we can solve a lot of your hiring problems and help you uncover the ideal people for your London job openings. 

Are you ready to talk to us? Before we offer our help, here are a few more recruitment solutions HVAC can assist you with:

  • We can locate the candidates you require in London thanks to our sizable network and our distinctive marketing techniques.

  • Candidates who will show up for the interview and stick with it, thanks to our analysis and follow-up sessions.

  • Our diverse networks and connections mean you’ll have the upper hand against larger businesses.

HVAC Recruitment is a recruitment agency in London that delivers effective results for your recruitment needs. 

The recruitment process with an engineering agency

Our recruitment process is comprehensive and tailored to your business’s requirements. When you register to use us as your recruitment agency, we will have an initial consultation with you to discuss the requirements of the engineering job in London you’re advertising as well as what your overall business goals are. Once we have all the details of the engineering role, we will source you the ideal shortlist of candidates with an agreed time scale. 

When we have found the eager recruits we will perform detailed screening procedures, preliminary interviews and help them understand the exact requirements of the job. When conversing with candidates, we inform your business how they performed and give extensive feedback to you, helping you decide who the best person would be to see for an interview. We keep you informed during every vital step of the recruitment process.

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The benefits of engaging a recruitment agency

Seeking talent for an engineering job for your London business can be a challenging and arduous process. That’s why hiring a recruitment agency will benefit you highly. We take the hassle from you, allowing your business to concentrate on other important practices. A recruitment agency will search a wide range of talent and narrow down the best candidates with efficiency and expert precision. With an expert team eager to help both job seekers in London and employers, recruitment agencies will save you time and locate workers that require permanent, temporary and contract roles who are skilled in engineering. 

Why work with HVAC recruitment?

HVAC has over 20 years of experience in helping employers recruit engineering talent in London. We make the recruitment process as simple as possible leaving your business to thrive and grow with the best possible candidates for the job. 

We can offer you competitive rates with the option of fixed-fee agreements, pre-screening of candidates and interviews on request, detailed reference checks as well as all placements covered with a guarantee of up to 6 months. 

We will find you the best engineering talent in London, with an effective and fast service leaving you more than satisfied.

Contact us by emailing info@hvacrecruitment.com or give us a call on 01745 77 22 18 to begin the recruitment process in London with our friendly team. 

What do we help recruit for?

Across the London region, HVAC Recruitment specialises in the facilities management industry. Our 20-plus years of experience have allowed us to develop sophisticated strategies for recruitment and broaden our services for a wide range of related sectors. You can trust HVAC Recruitment to provide London businesses with detailed recruitment services, assisting facilities management industries in hiring the best candidates and aiding Londoners in finding jobs. 

The sectors we cover include:

Covering London and your local area

The experts at HVAC Recruitment understand the level of care needed for businesses in London when it comes to recruitment. London is filled with hundreds of businesses specialising in facilities management that can highly benefit from our recruitment services. We cover the entire city, from the very centre all the way to the outer boroughs and neighbourhoods. No matter where businesses are located or which area job seekers are from, HVAC Recruitment is here for you. The doors of our London office are always open to those needing recruitment solutions.

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