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Renewable Energy Recruitment Services


Finding Top Talent for a Sustainable Future

HVAC FM is one of the leaders in HVAC and FM recruitment services, making us the perfect place to begin your search for top renewable energy talent. When it comes to renewable energy recruitment, we understand it can be difficult to find top candidates, especially in the ever-changing industry. Only supplying the HVAC and FM sectors, and with over 20 years of experience within the industry, we have the knowledge to provide your organisation with only the best talent.

With more than half of our electricity set to come from renewable energy sources by 2035, it is crucial businesses begin planning on using renewable energy recruitment services and that is where we come in. We know it’s not always easy to find the skilled expertise your organisation is after, and that is why here at HVAC Recruitment, we take all the stress away and handle all the difficult parts for you.

Our Expertise in Renewable Energy

With over 20 years of experience in HVAC and FM recruitment and supplying organisations with quality candidates, we can provide your business with our expertise in finding specialists in renewable energy and find you sustainable workforce solutions.As the demandformore sustainable energies increases, there has been a surge in requests for more talent specialising in the field of renewable energy.

As a clear market leader in HVAC and FM recruitment, we can support your business in acquiring the right talent for your sustainable energy job positions. Our skilled recruiters can connect with our strong and loyal client database of over 25,000 highly skilled candidates, making finding the perfect talent simple. We spend time with our clients and candidates to determine your needs and then simply source suitable candidates or job roles and organise interviews or provide interview support to candidates that need it, it is really that simple.

Hiring Benefits of Choosing Our Renewable Energy Recruitment Agency

There is a fantastic selection of benefits for using our renewable energy staffing agency. We offer full UK coverage in finding you the perfect candidates from across the whole of the UK. We ensure you and the candidates receive a single point of contact to guarantee personal and continual service. We provide all our clients with competitive rates, the option of fixed fee agreements, as well as a flexible and no-nonsense rebatescheme for a period of up to three months.

We can provide your organisation with the pre-screening of suitable candidates, including interviews on request should you find the right selection of candidates to consider, detailed reference checks and technical assessments if requested. The benefits of using us here at HVAC FM will ensure your hiring process is fast, effective and efficient in finding the best renewable energy talent in the industry for your business.

The Growing Importance of The Renewable Energy Industry

With ever-increasing targets of a sustainable future and with the target of half the UK’s electricity coming from renewable sources by 2035, the importance of supplying the industry with strong skilled individuals is more crucial than ever. Developing the renewable energy industry and providing organisations with expert renewable energy recruiters will allow businesses to create and find talent to help the industry grow further.

As our society grapples with the pressing challenges of climate change, pollution, and finite fossil fuel resources, the transition to renewable energy sources has become imperative. Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power are not only environmentally friendly but also offer a sustainable and inexhaustible energy supply. The increasing affordability and efficiency of renewable technologies, coupled with a growing global awareness of the need for clean energy solutions, have fuelled their rapid adoption. Renewable energy not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also fosters energy independence, creates jobs and stimulates economic growth. Here at HVAC FM, we can provide you with all the help your business needs to find sustainable workforce solutions.

How to Succeed in Renewable Energy Staffing

The current climate crisis has significantly increased the number of job vacancies and career opportunities within the renewable energy industry. This sector is expanding rapidly as the energy crisis provides the world's renewable energy industry with new targets to try and achieve to help save the planet.With many companies looking to expand their renewable energy workforce, now is the perfect time to give us the opportunity to fulfil your renewable energy industry staffing needs.

Renewable energy jobs require a specialist set of skills, and individuals who have a vast amount of experience and knowledge. With the ever-growing difficulty in finding the ideal individuals for complex renewable energy positions, it has come to light that the industry needs increasingly more talent coming through to keep up with the pace that it is evolving.Recognising the gap of renewable skill sets within your organisation can allow us to help develop and find the candidates that will help you move forward. As the industry develops, why choose anyone else to help you in your search than one of the market leaders in HVAC FM recruitment?

Contact Us for Renewable Energy Talent Solutions

It has never been easier to find the perfect renewable candidates than using our services here at HVAC FM, we can provide you with specialist recruiters to help find the perfect renewable energy talent that will help you transform your business. With over 20 years of experience within the industry, we have all the knowledge and skills to provide you with a stress-free and successful recruitment process.

We can offer you candidates from across the UK and provide them with a personal single point of contact throughout the hiring process. There is pre-screening of all applicants and we can even conduct interviews at your request. The stress of hiring is taken away and we offer competitive rates for your organisation with the option of fixed fee agreements and a flexible rebate scheme for a period of up to three months. We provide a fast and efficient service to help you fill your roles quickly and with the top renewable energy talent in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is renewable energy recruitment?

Renewable energy recruitment is the hiring of candidates who specialise in renewable energy.

Why is renewable energy recruitment important?

With the ever-growing renewable energy industry and the increasingly concerning climate crisis, there is a higher demand for individuals who specialise in renewable energy to fill open vacancies within the industry.

What types of renewable energy positions do you recruit for?

We specialise in recruiting:

Hard FM Services - Mechanical & Electrical recruitment

Soft FM Services

How can your recruitment agency help my organisation find the right talent in renewable energy?

We can offer you full UK coverage of candidates, providing us with the best resources to find the talent you need. Making the candidate's experience personal by providing a single point of contact. Selecting a small amount of tailored and suitable CVs for each vacancy, reducing the amount of irrelevant applications for your job role. Pre-screening of candidates and providing interviews on behalf of your company on request. Detailed and thorough reference checks and technical assessments. Providing your organisation with a fast, efficient and effective recruitment process.

What sets our renewable energy recruitment services apart from others?

With over 25,000 strong and loyal clients of highly skilled managers, administrators, engineers and other staff we can help you find the right talent for your organisation. Only specialising in HVAC and FM services we know the industry better than anyone and that is why we are one of the market leaders in HVAC FM recruitment.

How long does the recruitment process typically take?

Each application process can vary in time, but we always follow the same process.

  • Finding out about you as a candidate or as an organisation.

  • Helping you with your job search and supporting you throughout the application and interview process. For businesses, we will help you in your search for candidates and help with the pre-screening and interview process.

  • For candidates we will help to ensure you are paid accurately and on time.

  • We also offer a selection of extras that can help you in your job or candidate search.

Do you offer recruitment services for both large and small organisations in the renewable sector?

We can offer our expertise to any sized organisation; you can contact us to discuss your organisation's needs.

What should I expect during the recruitment process with your agency?

For clients:

  • Full UK coverage of candidates

  • A single point of contact for a personal service

  • Competitive rates with the option of fixed fee agreements

  • A flexible, no-nonsense rebate scheme for a period of up to three months

  • A small selection of tailored and suitable CVs for each vacancy reducing the amount of waste 

  • Pre-screening of candidates including Interviews on request

  • Detailed reference checks and technical assessments on request

  • A fast, effective and efficient service

For Candidates:

  • Taking time to understand exactly what you are looking for before we find you suitable roles. We treat every application with the strictest of confidence.

  • Support you throughout the application and interview processes.

  • A high level of aftercare to make sure you’re happy in your new role.

  • You will be paid on time and paid accurately.

  • Free CV writing

  • Market insights including salary guides

  • A list of jobs that suit you with information on the company, their prospects and the role.

  • Access to the UK’s largest companies and hundreds of specialist SMEs.

How can I get in touch to discuss our renewable energy staffing needs?

With a selection of branches across the UK, it’s never been easier to start your renewable energy candidate search. Simply head online to fill in one of our contact forms or simply give us a call at 01745772218 or email info@hvacrecruitment.com to get in touch!